Web Address Shortener

After the popular tool, Goo.gl has announced shut down. User like us need to find a tool for Short Url and replace the favorite one. Today, we have compiled 5 best websites, a link shortener, or a web address shortener for you.

1) Joo.gl

Safest URL Shortener

Joo.gl is a web address shortener. The site name is reliable, easy to remember and beautiful. It has tools for viewing historical statistics. You can also manually specify the name of the link.

Example URL Shortcut: joo.gl/FDAem

Free access: https://joo.gl/

2. Bitly.com

Bitly is a world-class site. Have a beautiful and stylish website that can shorten URLs quickly. And there are tools to view the statistics of links.

Short URL URL snippet: bit.ly/2PLlhfN

Free access: https://bitly.com/

3. Shorturl.at

Shorturl.at’s web pages are designed to be easy to use and fast to track click statistics. But there are too many advertising banners.

Short URL example: shorturl.at/adHL2

Free access: https://www.shorturl.at

4. Tinyurl.com

Tinyurl is one of the long-standing url shortener in the world. The web page is easy to use and has the option of manually link’s name creation.

Example URL shortlist: tinyurl.com/ych8ydj5

Free access: https://tinyurl.com

5. Is.gd

is.gd is featured of the shorterner service and the options for defining link names. Web pages are designed for quick use. And statistics can be viewed back.

Short URL example: is.gd/dqQJkH

Free access: https://is.gd

Published on: 5/6/19, 12:19 PM