Web Cache

Web Cache - Google Cached Pages

Some of URLs on Joo.gl server may get indexed by Google. Therefore, users sometime can find the deactivated URLs on search engine in the form of google cached pages, cached web content, or other web cache machines.


Web Cache 

Web cache is the method that users can get the cached page of some missing URLs. 


Google Cached Pages

Google Cache is typically alluded as the duplicates of the web pages cached by Google. Google slithers the web and accepts previews of each page as a reinforcement just on the off chance that the present page isn't accessible. These pages at that point become some portion of Google's cache. These Google stored pages can be amazingly valuable if a site is brief down, you can generally get to these page by visiting Google’s cached form. 

Google web is generally refreshed in a couple of days. The real time of the updates relies upon the recurrence the site refreshes itself.

Published on: 7/20/19, 12:03 PM