How do I expand a short URL?

Sometime a shortened URL may harm your device. If you are not sure about the hidden link safety, URL Expander is the solution. has the URL Expander feature to ensure the security of their user. Go to: URL Expander or Visit:


How do I expand a short URL?

Users can expand the short URL by adding the "/info" after the link. In addition, for your easy, you can use organized URL Expander Service:


What is URL Expander?

URL Expander is a service where you can find out where the destination of a shortened URL will take you to before clicking on the link.


Why do I need to Expan a Shortened URL?

By expanding the Shortened URL before clicking, you can view the full URL and have the chance to avoid phishing, malware, and viruses by examining short URLs before visiting them.


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Published on: 9/14/19, 3:09 PM