Is a Shortened URL Safe?

A Shortened URL which short on will pass 2 processes to ensure its safety to the world community. Shortening Process

  1. System will automatically scan the full URL with malware, viruses, and phishing database.
  2. If the URL is dangerous, the system will deny the shortening process. So, the bad guy cannot short any dangerous URLs on System.
  3. If the URL is safe, the system will generate the shortened URL.


In conclusion, Is a Shortened URL Safe?

The Shortened is safe at the first level, it was scanned by the anti maliculios system before generating the Shortened URL. However, if you are worried about the security, provides free tools for their users to check the Shortened URLs by Expanding them. Users can go to URL Expander Page or Visit:

After Expan the URL by URL Expander, users therefore can view the full URL and destination website's screenshot. Moreover, users can scan the URL with Dr.Web Security, Web of Trust, McAfee Security, Google Safe Browsing, Sucuri Security, and Norton  Internet Security.

The URL Expander tool by is available for checking the Shortened URLs from thousands of URL Shortener Services, included:, Bitly,,,, TinyURL and more. 


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Published on: 9/14/19, 3:10 PM